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Glen is an Independent consultant, researcher and analyst, a strategist and innovator, a skilled writer, and an experienced senior manager and executive.

A permanent resident in Canada, Glen is a South African with a strong commitment to social justice and a belief in the power of social entrepreneurship and social innovation to create opportunities for all in a world that is prosperous and sustainable. 

His background, as a senior researcher on the National Education Policy Investigation in South Africa, senior researcher and acting director at the Education Policy Unit at the University of the Western Cape, and thirteen years as a director at the National Business Initiative includes policy development, research and the design and implementation of education and training change initiatives at a national level. He has high-level experience in building strategic partnerships and alliances across the business, government and education and training sectors, in support of education and training system reform and the accelerated delivery of critical skills. 

Glen was a Hubert H. Humphrey Fellow at the Center for the Study of Higher Education at The Pennsylvania State University (1993-4). Subsequently, at the NBI, he developed a range of international partnerships and linkages with the community college, FE college and TAFE systems in the US and Canada as well as the United Kingdom and Australia. As a team member with the Centre for Higher Education Policy Studies in The Netherlands, Glen was also part of a mission to develop a new national plan for higher education in Mozambique.

He has  served as a Ministerial appointee and Chair of the Council of the Vaal Triangle Technikon (now the Vaal University of Technology).

In addition to his work in schooling, higher education and vocational education and training, Glen has worked with key international Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability organisations such as the United Nations Global Compact, the World Business Council for Sustainable Development and the National Business Initiative of South Africa, as well as with major corporate members, focusing on sustainable development as a core business strategy and a key dimension of responsible corporate citizenship.

Glen has been an independent consultant since April 2010.